“The Art of Thinking Clearly” (Rolf Dobelli’s bestselling book) – Today’s Highlight

I do agree that we could do without the information overload we have to deal with every day. Our brain is being kept on the receiving end round the clock, when in fact thought processing needs time. As long as our attention is being consciously engaged we could not possibly be indulging in any qualitative analysis or processing of the data we have stored. But cutting information out of our lives completely doesn’t sound at all good to me. Sharing knowledge and facts worldwide real time is a great achievement for the whole of humanity, which of course may also turn into our worst enemy. It depends on the use we choose to make of it. Less information, quality information but above all, accurate information. We need professional ethics, we need laws that will allow for investigative journalism to develop freely and to work for the people. – read article –

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