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” The shortest month of the year during which outdoor activities are reduced to a fraction compared to the rest of the year, seems to be endless and I feel as if I’ve used up all my energy, as if my body and mind had gone through the wars…”  –  continue reading @ http://lalitwist.altervista.org/index.html

Metropolis 3. “11-11-11”

Another day is steadily rising over the City. It is dawn and I am hopping out for a run. The air is particularly fresh this morning as I get a shiver, winter is approaching and not too early either this year but still, I can hear the gentle chanting of birds greeting the day from higher up on those trees. There is this beautiful full moon but also something very sinister about it. It is completely gray and I mean gray, which is so uncharacteristic of it, and devoid of its usual brightness. I have never seen a moon like this one. I start running down the road with this moon right in front of me and I find myself hoping that it doesn’t notice me today. I shake this uncomfortable sensation off and go on with my jogging. As I head back home a while later the sound of crows pierce the silent stillness of the morning. It is Friday, November 11th 2011.  –  Please Keep Reading @ http://lalitwist.altervista.org/

Un nuovo giorno si alza sulla città. E’ l’alba ed esco a fare una corsa. Stamani l’aria è particolarmente pungente, mi viene un brivido. L’inverno si stà avvicinando e neanche con troppo anticipo quest’anno anche se sento ancora il dolce canto degli uccelli in cima agli alberi che salutano il nuovo giorno. C’è una bella luna piena, ma ha un qualche cosa di sinistro. E ‘completamente grigia e intendo dire grigia, cosi diversa dal solito e priva della sua caratteristica lucentezza. Una luna cosi non l’ho mai vista. Inizio a correre con questa luna proprio davanti a me e mi ritrovo a sperare che quest’oggi non si accorga della mia presenza. Mi scrollo questa spiacevola sensazione di dosso e vado avanti a correre. Poco più tardi, rincasando, il suono di alcuni corvi scuote la silenziosa immobilità del mattino. E’ Venerdi 11 Novembre 2011.   –  Continua  a Leggere @http://lalitwist.altervista.org/ITA_index.html

Metropolis 2. “Looking Busy”

“Paul get back in there for a while longer, I’ll be right with you. It is best if you’re not seen idling”. I was running some errands around town when I saw this shoe shop offering interesting rebates. I had just set one foot inside that 4 out of 5 attendants had already ran up to me asking if they could be of help. Felt so pressured I wanted to leave. But I was keen on checking something that had caught my eye not to mention someone who was so terribly attractive sitting inside. Besides, I do understand it’s their job so I thanked them, saying I just wanted to browse around a little.  …..  Keep reading @ http://lalitwist.altervista.org/ (thank you!)

through thick and thin

 there are things in life we pursue, without the need of any reminders… something deep inside, much as a compass, determines our every move, our beliefs and our wants… it has no ambition other than feeding our souls… and it is magnificently unique!

without it we’re simply lost… it demands of us to remain true to ourselves.

Lalitwist 22/03/2011