Today’s Highlight “Which Diet should I follow”

“who wants to live forever?…. ”   –  what a beautiful song. Another favorite of mine, Freddy Mercury. Probably no one. But surely, as long as we’re here we we’d all like to feel good. As usual, the simpler answer is always the best. Raw food rules!    –   read more   –   @

Metropolis 6 – “A hot summer week end”

She’s wearing shorts and booties despite the exceptional heat, over those tanned and skinny legs of hers. She was always beautiful. Ruined so many men, without even lifting a finger. A little like Sharon Stone in “Basic Instincts”. Get the picture? She always gets her ways. And not much has changed. She’s only a little more nervous perhaps. I’ll call her “Bella”. The guy, he used to be a young boy perpetually in love. He is now divorced. Has a daughter and a very young lover.  –   keep reading @

Today’s Highlight “Bring me to life”

“Bring me to life” , said the plant to the squirrel. No, actually, the plant said it to the scientist. And all went well till the squirrel was brought back to life , and claimed its burrow back.  No seriously , this enchanting little flower lived over 30000 years ago.  –   read [email protected]

Today’s Highlight “Sweet dreams”

“how to sleep” is amongst the top 10 Google searches, says this article. That means that a whole lot of people are suffering from lack of sleep. I’m not surprised. It’s so hot lately the bath tub could in fact be a solution. Follow the link to gather a few helping tips.. [email protected]