Today’s Highlight “A Rocking Marathon”

La situazione sta diventando un po ‘preoccupante. Quello che era iniziato come unevento drammatico, persiste così tanto, che sembra più simile a uno sciame,piuttosto che qualcosa di isolato. La sensazione di insicurezza che la convivenza con tremori continui trasmette, è piuttosto forte.

Today’s Highlight “FB Trading Cards”

I have a stack of FB trading cards in excess. Anyone interested? Seriously, it never would have happened, trading cards, that we’d get 10 options out of a single exchange, and find ourselves with only 8,5 of the lot the next morning, unless, our dog had chewed and swallowed the missing pieces. Who would have stolen half a card? a giggling dwarf ?  —  read more @