Metropolis 2. “Looking Busy”

“Paul get back in there for a while longer, I’ll be right with you. It is best if you’re not seen idling”. I was running some errands around town when I saw this shoe shop offering interesting rebates. I had just set one foot inside that 4 out of 5 attendants had already ran up to me asking if they could be of help. Felt so pressured I wanted to leave. But I was keen on checking something that had caught my eye not to mention someone who was so terribly attractive sitting inside. Besides, I do understand it’s their job so I thanked them, saying I just wanted to browse around a little.  …..  Keep reading @ (thank you!)


I know many dictators have known a similarly dramatic end of both their career and life. I also know they have done much to deserve the special treatment they have been given. How many times have we witnessed it? But then we’re so used to seeing scenes of violence on the news that we almost look at them in passive acceptance and even more so when that violence is somehow understandable. Even the reaction to Gaddafi’s death, that Governments around the world have manifested, was unequivocally one of celebration even though expressed in a very mitigated manner for obvious reasons. The other night though, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of discomfort. It was hard enough finding out the way Gaddafi was slaughtered. I must admit I am particularly sensitive to issues related to violence, human rights and dignity, no matter who it is we may be talking about. But as I mentioned, he must have indeed done a lot to deserve this treatment. I mean, you can’t expect to generate anger and resentment all around you for 40 long years and get away with it. Though I still think that a clean cut execution would have been more appropriate…….   read on @

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Metropolis 1.

I like getting up early, when the City is still asleep, absorbed in its own silence. Cup of coffee while I stretch out with my cat listening to the news. It is a unique moment when I get in touch with my Zen entity, my own protective shield. To move around town, I usually walk or cycle. Not that I dislike driving, on the contrary, but I’d rather take the car to cover long distances. In town, it feels like a waste of time. Hours lost sitting in the traffic or looking for a parking. It only strains my Zen entity. But since this morning I have an interview out of town, I will take the car.
Same old interview, usual questions. As I head back, I come to an intersection. Traffic is jammed so, though the lights are green, I stop short of the crossing . I hate clogging up the circulation. An old lady standing by the side of the road with her dog is waiting to cross over. I give her a big smile and invite her to go ahead, we’re not moving anyway. A roaring verbal protest arises from behind and hooters start sounding the air. What a wide range of sounds, never noticed. A real symphony. I shrink in my seat and wave my hand as to say, “come on, we’re stuck anyway!”. Out of the blue two bikers speed through. My blood freezes and, with my heart in my throat, I stop breathing. The old woman and her dog nearly had it! Eyes wide open, they look at me horrified. I can tell my Zen entity received a real hard blow! and judging by the wild hair both the lady and the dog now have, I assume their own Zen entity was deeply impacted too! We share a seemingly endless moment during which everything comes to a still. I slowly start breathing again. traffic is at a standstill but I move ahead just a little to give way to an ambulance rushing our way. As it passes by, so do the usual smart asses who now have definitely jammed up the intersection. Oh well done you! Traffic lights turn green and then red again. The symphony picks up again in deafening tones. Time to roll the window up and turn the radio on before my Zen entity goes red. Over the radio the speaker talks about an oil spill in New Zealand waters. Another one? Damn! Doesn’t it ever stop? Wonder why sushi is so popular with all the crap our fish end up eating. Sea food crudités. Sea food shit you mean! Now it’s Steve Job’s turn. A lot of talking on the newly released iPhone 4S . Apparently he’s left a legacy of finished projects at hand. Quite a lot to look forward to. Here we go, time to pay the dues! He’s going to be sold to the bone! But at least he was lucky enough to get rich before he died, unlike many other artists.
Need to stop at the super market. I park the car. Those beautiful eyes at the entrance. I rush through the lanes, trying to avoid the human traffic and especially the trolleys people abandon savagely whilst browsing around. Tricky business, seriously. Need to be agile. Ok I’m done. Lined up at the till patiently waiting for my turn I go over my day. I really like my Zen entity. So reliable. Two women line up behind me. One of them is rather loud. Oh well, just one more to go and it’s my turn. What the heck! Damn trolley pressed on my back and that woman breathing down my neck! I summon my Zen entity once again. Nothing much I can do, have someone just in front. Damn! what is the matter with people?! I turn around and give her a look. She acts as if nothing were. Goes on chatting to her friend on how young people are so unmannered nowadays. I am suddenly overwhelmed by an urge to burst out laughing. Oh please don’t! The girl at the counter asks me whether I will need a bag. I look up. She is smiling.
On my way out, those beautiful eyes again. They belong to a dog, sitting by his owner, a young clochard usually posted outside the super. “Hi there, can I leave this food for the dog with you?” .I’ve also taken some biscuits for him. He says something but his voice sounds distant. I lose myself in those beautiful eyes once more and walk away.© Lalitwist @

On Globalization

Year 1, week 1, Monday 10 / 10 / 11

 On Globalization

Sometimes I feel as if the engineering of our Global Village has been trusted in the hands of people who have no clue as to where we’re heading. Not that I believe I could do any better, but I do expect those in the driving seat to make a difference. I have always looked upon globalization as a positive process, at least culturally and humanely speaking ; what a wonderful projection that of a world globally connected, sharing knowledge, ideas, energy, resources, growth, just about everything! And what can be said about the fascinating wonders made possible by technological progress, enabling humanity to cross continents and oceans in a click at any point and time of the day. Do we truly realize to what extent we all benefit from these developments? I remember the times when, as a child, I was globetrotting with my family. How I wish I had then been able to keep in touch as easily as is it made to be these days. Instead, I had to rely on the good old post office. Months before I got the reply to a letter of mine. And how many friends, especially globetrotting fellows, lost along the way. It may seem foolish but it’s not, take my word for it. There are many other and surely more important achievements, namely, distant learning, bringing educational opportunities to the most remote places on earth. This is why I guess, I have always been so fascinated with communication technologies. They have the power to break any barrier down and above all distance related issues (I will deliberately disregard digital divide and other similar questions that may now arise for it is not this week’s focus).
Global Village? Yes please! Let us connect with the rest of the world and have enriching social, educational, cultural and professional experiences! But I must admit that some things leave me wondering. For instance, can anyone explain to me why we export Spanish garlic to Italy and vice versa, when both countries are perfectly self sufficient on this specific production? it goes beyond my understanding. There is no qualitative or quantitative issue at stake. Have you ever seen anyone comparing the taste and texture of garlic cloves originating from different nations, as we do, for instance, with wine? I do understand the economic and strategic national relevance of the import-export industry but, do we need to push garlic just for the sake of it? It is not so much for the garlic as for the lack of purpose, direction and vision I sense. Please keep your garlic, we’re producing tons of it. Let’s focus on what we need and let everyone contribute to intelligent, meaningful exchanges; it should be our prime motivational input!

What is the point in wasting time, energy and above all precious resources that could well be invested otherwise. It’s not as if we lack opportunities to do so. In Italy thousands of earthquake victims are still homeless and have been for decades. We should focus on what is necessary before we move any further. It would also help us understand and get to know our neighbors much better, allowing us to build on solid grounds. We need insight, understanding and purpose. A good dose of local cultural and social awareness too. Projects implemented without a real purpose inevitably will have to end leaving all parties involved baffled and stranded. We strive to make things happen no matter what, anything in the name of “Appearance”. Let us think about how to keep it up as we go along. No use in worrying too much about anything as, if need be, it can be undone or taken somewhere else anytime. Is that so? If I were you I wouldn’t take that chair for granted sir, it could disappear from beneath anytime!

Who benefits from this all? Soon we’ll be ordering pizza from a nearby nation and the powers that be will see to it that that pizza is delivered faster than the delivery service we have round the corner would be able to, and it will be cheaper too. Cause this is what is really going on. Come on, you couldn’t fool a child now! How can this be? We produce and live at the speed of light. Sorry, I forgot. Now we’ll be pressed to perform at a pace nearing that of neutrinos; wouldn’t that suit us just fine? Take that pizza from Naples to New York tonight and be back by this morning. Correct, “this morning”, not a typo mistake!
We have a big picture in mind, a great one. It tells the story of an interconnected and interdependent humanity. I love it, I really do and I believe in it. I know it will bring about major positive changes. Meanwhile though, as we work at it, could we put some thought and insight into the process please? Planning, careful planning is what we need to build a computed and sustainable development, growth. Being interdependent and competitive is fine but too much of it with complete disregard to developing much needed policies, losing sight of what we really want to accomplish, will just kill our dream. Because it is a common dream we are talking about, kind of everybody’ s baby, correct? We have so many beautifully finished examples from which to draw inspiration. Take for instance sports, the arena of competitiveness by excellence. Each game has its definition in time and space: start line, game area, finish line and no you may not break the racket over your opponent’s head nor trip your fellow runner or put the ball in with a remote control! We know when and how it begins and then when to call it quits: “game over”. The good news is that, the game doesn’t really end there. We have continuity, of purpose, intent and method. The same attention should be applied to the engineering of our Global Village and even more so as it involves human lives. Reaching for a finish line at a time and providing for continuity, by drawing a course of action that will have been master minded beforehand. Only then may we start taking it up a level. Do we not design specific circuits for car racing? and, do we not improve security measures every time we come across a crack in the system?

We are so interdependent that we should feel obliged to proceed with due care and insight. If it were not for some prodigal and occasional charitable gesture the drama unfolding before our eyes today would be even more so devastating. We may not fail. We owe it to ourselves. There aren’t enough life boats to save everyone. Failure would lead to disaster, like having to throw off board just as much weight (in terms of lives) as needed to ensure the boat (with very few elected ones onboard), stays afloat.

The point I wish to make today is that our Global project is being played out as if were a monopoly game board. So what’s new? Nothing. As I mentioned before I don’t know any better but it takes a fool not to notice that everyone’s been playing on their own single board. There is no meeting point! We have different scenarios, played at different levels, with one big international stage made up of just as many disconnected local scenarios. This is crazy! It spells one word: collision! Might as well place a nuclear plant on a volcano slope!

We need global awareness and policies; and we need solid grounds to stand on. There cannot be true development or growth without thoughtfulness and responsibility, without acceptance of the function and role each one of us has to take on locally and globally.
Passion, enthusiasm, belief and pureness of intent. These are the ingredients needed for a successful achievement. It is just not sufficient to do things in a sterile way, following steel like rigid procedures channeled through dark grey tunnels. We know it, and I fail to understand why I have to acknowledge on a daily basis such widespread disregard towards the greatest lecture on offer to mankind: History. The dominating trend, whichever the area (arts, politics, business, economics…) is that of obstructing and killing creativity, productivity, anything and anyone who threatens mediocrity! This happens when we lose sight of our purpose in life. If I look at the global picture from down here, so to speak my own national context, I wonder how we may even think of reaching global unity when there is no such local culture in the first place. Patching here and there is our own specialty. Real Maestros!
Ideas travel much faster than the human mind is able to assimilate change. Or should I say “willing” to assimilate change.

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