Millenium Vol.1 Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larsson Vol. 1 – Millenium

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

A young girl vanishes into thin air during a local village kermesse. Her grandfather, head of the Vanger Industries, never gave up looking for her, for over thirty years, but in vain. Eventually, Blomqvist, a very succesful investigative reporter, momentarily suspended from work, crosses his path. Vanger seizes the opportunity to ask for his help. It will cost him considerably but he is determined to find out the truth, no matter what…

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Mikael, affiancato da Lisbeth Salander, personaggio ambiguo e inafferrabile ma decisamente geniale, inizia a scavare nel passato, alla ricerca di una traccia….

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Paulo Coelho

When Igor, a man of unshakable will power and a frightening ice gaze but quite distinguished and gentle, realizes he has destroyed the one thing that matters in life, he slowly drifts into a dimension from which there will be no return. … Please read through

non avrebbe mai voluto che accadesse… è pronto a tutto per recuperare … qualsiasi cosa, ma dovrà imparare che esiste un punto di non ritorno…

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emotions can hardly be described through words… they belong to the realm of our senses… blessed are those who entertain their sensitity as they have the faculty to perceive infinity…

le emozioni non hanno nome ne esiste parola che possa realmente decriverle … si esprimono attraverso i sensi… e beati sono coloro che coltivano la sensibilità poiché hanno la facoltà di percepire l’immenso…


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I know most of you won’t understand a word for the time being.. still have loads to do but it’s getting there… at least, the English version will follow pronto… as for contents I’ll have to work it out progressively.. it is quite a project I have in mind… but I was curious to check wether I would have been able to publish this stuff….  looks like it’s working and happy as I am, am taking a break….